personal expense tracking has never been easier

If you hate excel or want to track expenses on your smartphone. This app could be for you. For $12/year subscription, you can easily enter and track all of your expenses and see them in graph form.

After signing up for an account and logging in. Click the 'add a new line item' button.

Easily enter an a expense, like gas, for $2.95 a gallon and 25 gallons (in the units field) and for days consumed, enter '2 weeks'.

This means you go to the gas station every two weeks and fill your car up with about 25 gallons of gas at an average price of $2.95 a gallon.

Finally, you can choose one of three colored categories to sub-divide your expenses (red,green, or blue).

Hit 'save line item' and your back to main screen showing your line item 'gas' with it's monthly cost and percentage of your total expenses. In this case since you only have one line item, it '100%'. Now click on 'view graphs' to see your information in graph form.

Finally, choose 'modify expense overview', enter your monthly income, extra income, and your potential savings.

Hit 'save overview' and return to the main screen which will show you your 'calculated net'. If this number is positive, you'll have extra money at the end of the month, otherwise, you are over spending can easily adjust your expenses, your savings, or potentially your extra income.

Your expense overview can also been seen in graph form with 'view graphs'.

While this web app is very easy to use from your computer, this app is smartphone tested for use away from the computer.